Support Policies

Ghost Team One is committed to providing excellent customer support to our valued members. In addition, Ghost Team One is dedicated to give its members high quality service and address your concerns as soon as we can.

Services Available

We provide basis support to all of our members to assist with online shopping via our Website. When it is possible, we will provide fixes and workarounds to reported problems. If your needs extend beyond the basic support or the services covered by Ghost Team One, we recommend you to communicate with the other part involved.

Communicate with us!

If you have any concerns or questions, you may send us an email or chat with us! We will save records of all our communications with you to prevent us from sending you duplicate responses, and to keep track of your questions in case you need to refer to them later on. For email support, it may take time for us to answer your question depending on the severity of your problem. It may take 24 to 72 hours for you to receive an email response.

Things to keep in mind

When you are contacting us, be sure that you already have read the Ghost Team One User Agreement.

When contacting us, provide as many details as you can, such as the dates, user ID’s, and the steps you took before asking your question.

If you have a concern about a particular transaction, please make sure to contact the involved buyer, seller, or affiliate before you contact us.

Things we don’t cater:


You should understand that Ghost Team One is only a platform for sellers, buyers, and affiliates and that Ghost Team One do not own any of the products sold on the website. If you want to return an item, please contact the seller or affiliate where you made your purchase for details on their return policy.

Shipping or Delivery of Product

Contact the logistic company, the seller or affiliate if you have problems regarding the product received.

Moreover, you may notify us if you were unable to receive your purchased item so we can contact the seller or affiliate involved.