Forum Policies

Ghost Team One is not only a marketplace for drone sellers and buyers. We provide a place wherein drone enthusiasts like you can exchange ideas, review, and share opinion regarding the latest happenings, products, software, and trainings in the drone industry. We welcome and encourage our members to actively participate in the forums. However, it is important that your content follows our guidelines. If you fail to comply with our forum posting policies, other users may report your thread and we will take immediate actions regarding this matter. Remember that Ghost Team One has the authority to hide, delete, and block you from posting further threads.

Forum Rules

Please take note and keep the following policies in mind before posting any thread in the forum page:

Respect is a must

Keep the postings polite and civil. Profanity and vulgar language is strictly prohibited.

Copyright Violation

Promoting, advertising, or selling of fake drone models, parts, and software are strictly prohibited.


Publishing more than one identical posting is highly discouraged.

Undermining the User Agreement

Encouraging, instructing, and facilitating other users to engage in an illegal activity to violate the user agreement of Ghost Team One is not allowed. Moreover, misrepresenting yourself as an employee of Ghost Team One is prohibited.

Inappropriate Topics

Members should not post meaningless topics or spam the forum page. Placing a published content in a wrong category is also not allowed. Using inaccurate titles, random links, posting links that are not relevant to the subject of the forum thread for the purpose of diverting the attention of other users are forbidden.

Posting Advertisements

Posting the same content or advertisements from a third party service provider is banned.

Ignoring Guidelines and Staff Request

This applies to situations when a member repeatedly ignores the guidelines and warnings from Ghost Team One.

Repeated Profile Abuse

The use of vulgar words, inappropriate images for the avatar and ignoring the User Agreement is strictly prohibited.

Disrespectful Post

We are encouraging all members to show respect to everyone. Racial discrimination and violence are not allowed in Ghost Team One. Contents that promote and glorify violence, hatred, racial discrimination, religious intolerance is not allowed in Ghost Team One.

Clone Accounts

The use of clone accounts in Ghost Team One is strictly forbidden.

Why does Ghost Team One have this policy?

Ghost Team One provides an arena wherein members have an opportunity to express individual views and share helpful information. When posting something in the community page, it is important that users must respect one another as human beings. Contents that show illegal activity, violence, racial discrimination, or racial intolerance have no place in the Ghost Team One community.