China: Laser Drone Defense System

drone laser defense system

Drones have been used by very many industries and government institutions to carry out a wide range of activities. Just the other day, China developed a highly accurate laser weapon which they believe can be used to shoot down all light drones which can fly at low altitudes.

This was reported by the state media. This was through extensive research by the China Academy of Engineering Physics (CAEP). They are one of the main developers of this noble idea.

They have indicated that this equipment has a range of about 1.2 miles and it can bring down small aircraft within five seconds which is pretty fast.

This will be a major move for China as far as security is concerned. They could see a scientist and developed countries rush to seize this opportunity to advance their military and security standards.

For China, this will be a major milestone in ensuring security in major events within the urban areas and solve issues of unauthorized mapping activities. “It will be possible to shoot down an aircraft flying at an altitude of about 500 meters with a speed of about 50 meters per second” Xinhua indicated.

Since terrorists like small-scale, unmanned drones due to their low cost, a laser defense system will be one of the best ways to keep China free from such attacks. Over years, intercepting such drones was mainly left for either helicopters or snipers.

The two have not been very successful due to high levels of inaccuracy. The laser defense system is highly accurate than both helicopters and snipers.

In the recent test, it did shoot over 30 drones which translated to about 100% success rate. Currently, they are focusing on developing powerful systems with the main focus being the range. They intend to increase the range.

China is one of those countries in the world which has been deploying tight security for international conferences, local political meetings and other events such as sports.

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