Chat Policies

Dear Members/Visitors, It is a pleasure to have you in Ghost Team One Chat. To have a harmonious chat room, we have formulated a chat policy to which all members have to adhere to. We encourage you to be in your best behaviour as you use this chat service.

DON’Ts reserves the right to immediately remove any chat member (a warning message might be issued by the chat moderator) who indulges in the following:

1. Vulgar and Abusive Language

Always show respect and never use offensive language. We encourage everyone to act politely and civilly when communicating with others in the chat room.

2. Flooding or Spamming

Never flood the chat room. We discourage users from posting identical messages in the chat.

3. Disrespecting the User Agreement

Encouraging, instructing, and facilitating other users to engage in an illegal activity to violate the user agreement of Ghost Team One is not allowed.

4. Defamatory Remarks

Topics that undermine religion, age, gender, culture, race is not allowed in the chat room.

5. Advertisements

Posting the same content or advertisements from a third party service provider is banned.

6. Ignoring Guidelines and Staff Request

This applies to situations when a member repeatedly ignores the guidelines and warnings from Ghost Team One.

7. Repeated Profile Abuse

The use of vulgar words, inappropriate images for the avatar and ignoring the User Agreement is strictly prohibited.

8. Disrespectful Post

We are encouraging all members to show respect to everyone. Racial discrimination and violence are not allowed in Ghost Team One. Contents that promote and glorify

violence, hatred, racial discrimination, religious intolerance is not allowed in Ghost Team One.

9. Not declaring the real age

Any person that is below 13 years old is not allowed to participate in this chat room.


1. Be civil 2. Assume good faith 3. Follow the User Agreement of Ghost Team One


Users who break the rules mentioned above may be punished by being kicked or banned from using the chat. The type and length of the chat will depend on the severity of the action. Take note that has the authority to delete, ban, or block you from using the chat services. If you believe that your ban is unjustified, you may talk to the chat or website administrator who issued it.