Buyer’s Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to become a member for me to buy drones?

Yes! You need to become a Ghost Team One member before you can buy from any of our Ghost Team One Sellers.

Signing-up for Ghost Team One is a piece of cake! The membership is FREE and within 3 minutes, you’ll have a Ghost Team One account.

To register, all you have to do is click on the “Sign-up” link at the top right hand of this page.

There are two options for you to create an account. You may sign-up through the usual registration box or login using your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

How can I buy a drone?

There are a lot of sellers in Ghost Team One. To buy a drone, all you have to do is look for the drone that suits your needs. Once you like the specification and features of the drone you may buy it by clicking the “Buy Now” button located on the right side, near your dashboard.

How can I pay for my drone?

You can link your Ghost Team One account to your Paypal account. Once you click the “Buy Now” button, it will direct you to your Paypal account or Ghost Team One credits.

How much money should I deposit?

You can deposit as much money as you’d like. There’s no minimum or maximum depository amount in

Who will handle the shipping fee?

The shipping fee will depend on the terms of the Drone Seller. You may request your seller to take care of the shipping.

If you have any concerns or queries you can reach us through Customer Support.